Campsite near Rocamadour

What to see in Rocamadour

Choose a campsite in Rocamadour, to spend a holiday in a city with one of the richest heritages in France. Discover this medieval village balanced on the side of the cliff over the Alzou valley. As soon as you arrive, the atmosphere is set: you are facing a exceptional place by its architecture. Admire the various houses and monuments built into the rock in successive layers, so as to give the impression that they are an integral part of the rock. A beautiful feat, not far from your rental in Rocamadour.

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Things to do in Rocamadour

Not far from Flower Camping Les Ondines, you will find The Monkey Forest, a unique place in France. Here, in a 20 hectare park live 130 Barbary macaques. Enjoy a free visit of 1 to 1.5 hours in direct contact with the monkeys. They live in complete freedom and are used to being in contact with visitors. They will be a joy to watch young and old who will leave with memories in their heads. Organise your camping holiday in Rocamadour and treat yourself to a real getaway. Your curiosity will be delighted by the various guided tours. Discover the mysterious origins of this medieval village. Chapels, prehistoric paintings, remains of battles and Middle Ages, place of pilgrimage.

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Campsite 23 km from Rocamadour

Stay in a mobile home or lodge cabin at our campsite near Rocamadour, and benefit from being close to all the places to visit in the Dordogne valley. There are no less than 7 churches and chapels, such as the Chapel of Our Lady and its famous Black Madonna. Also pass by the monumental staircase The 233 steps that present themselves to you in the heart of the village, the last stage of the pilgrimage to Rocamadour, which owes part of its fame to it. Take advantage of your camping holiday to discover the semi-troglodyte sanctuary You will be impressed by the spirituality of the town, both by day and by night, and you will have unforgettable memories. Your campsite Les Ondines is located 23 km from Rocamadour, take advantage of your holidays in the Dordogne to experience a moment of escape and relaxation family adventure, alone or as a couple.

Discover the surroundings of Rocamadour

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