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Book at Les Ondines to enjoy a camping holiday near Gramat. The Parc Animalier de Gramat is dedicated to protection of endangered species. There are no less than 150 species of animals, domestic and wild animals together. Here you will find lynx, bison, yaks, wolves, bears, various species of sheep, owls and peacocks. Within the park of Gramat, the animals progress through a abundant and protected wildlife, it allows the specimens to evolve in freedom without the feeling of captivity. 

Discover a place that is as close as possible to the natural habitat of animals. A real place of animal life in the heart of the Lot. You will benefit from a boardwalk 3.5 km in a typical natural environment of the Causse to discover the wild and domestic fauna in semi-liberty. Choose a campsite in Gramat by putting down your bags at Flower Camping les Ondines. You will enjoy a family getaway, alone or as a couple during your holidays in this exotic place in the Lot.

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Things to do in Gramat

After seeing the bears and many other animal species at the Parc Animalier de Gramat, visit the village of Gramat and take the opportunity to visit the market or the Fair twice a week. Stroll through the picturesque alleys to discover various fortifications like the Clock Tower or walk through the doors of the majestic Pannonia Castle. Located in the heart of the Causses, Gramat will offer you landscapes on the Quercy, near the Dordogne. Hike around the ruins of the Moulin du Saut. On foot or by bike, enjoy a walk through landscapes shaped by water and history. Discover also the dry stone walls, characteristic of the Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park.

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Campsite at 31 km from Gramat

Choose your mobile home, lodge cabin or Freeflower for a stay near Gramat. Enjoy our services, the comfort of our accommodation and our heated swimming pool. Take advantage of our campsite near the Parc animalier de Gramat, and spend a unique camping holiday. Enjoy a holiday at Les Ondines and discover all the treasures of the Lot, between nature and heritage. Just like Souillac, stop off in the numerous picturesque villages in the Lot and Périgord to soak up the charm and history of the region. Enjoy a stay in low season away from the crowds, and benefit from our professional offersmotional in location or rental.

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